And I know exactly how it feels to be overworked, trying to look after everyone… but yourself.

Certified by Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, I help middle age women who are tired of feeling OVERWHELMED and ready to do the work to to take radical responsibility for  their health. Yes, you are trying balancing hormonal changes, family, work, kids, and life thats why a coach can help.

I’m on a mission to teach busy ladies  how to take care of themselves, so that they can create a healthy, balanced life that boosts their confidence and self-esteem, and encourages others around them.

I know first-hand that middle age for women (while it is different for all of us) is a very busy time. Many are too enthralled in their everyday activities to even notice that they are sacrificing their own health and wellbeing in the process.

I am a Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Meditator and Breath Instructor - and the mom of 2 grown boys.

Hi, I'm Valerie.

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In my thirties, just when I had moved to the town I am in, I lost my mom. My ex-husband was focused on building his business. I had no idea how much my childhood trauma was dictating my actions. I was stressed, anxious and volunteering for everything and doing WAY too much. And back then, no-one talked about any of these things.

I was diagnosed with acid reflux and was put on 5 different medications for that, as well as on antidepressants (because that’s what you are supposed to do). 

I finally got tired of feeling so bad and not getting any results from doctors or medications. I took myself off all medications, started a food journal and Googled the heck out of everything I could find. 

I realized my anxiety was causing a lot of my misery. My hormones were totally out of whack - I went for years not sleeping more than 5 or 6 hours.

I had no idea that was adding to my problems myself. I was running half marathons (in reality running away from my issues). I thought I was helping my health but in turn I was stressing my body even more (my cortisol levels were through the roof, which didn’t help me sleep). 

I was a closet smoker. Which is why I understand how hard breaking habits can be. I have felt the shame and guilt of knowing what you are doing is bad for you… but feeling powerless to stop it.

At the same time, things at home were not good. My ex-husband had no communication skills. And I had all kinds of shame from my childhood that I could not talk about. Although I had said I would never get a divorce (like my parents) I found myself divorced.

It wasn't until after my divorce that I addressed my hormone imbalance and started to slow down. 

No matter your past, you get to decide your future! Learning how to take Radical Responsibility for your own health is EMPOWERING. I want you to learn how to make peace with yourself and get excited about your life again!

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I had to get brutally honest with myself and figure out my needs to people please and push myself so hard.

I had to learn to manage stressors in my life with better strategies than smoking, pouring another glass of wine, or binging on another episode of Friends. 
I had to learn what rest really was, not just for healing but to LIVE.

I had to really figure out what  was important to me and WHY wasn't I spending more time doing those things??

To get here, I had to get brutally honest with myself. 

Learn how to be your own best friend, learn how to nourish your body, and follow your inner wisdom. Thats the stuff that helps your children flourish.

 All those years having my boys at home were probably the most challenging to my physical and mental health because I didn’t take time for ME! I thought Motherhood meant sacrificing who I was, and it left me a bit resentful. There are better ways.
At age 52, I am still reinventing myself and continue to learn more and more how the mind, body, and spirit all work together into becoming a true well human being. 

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Life can be hard and you have to have the the proper mindset tools to sit with uncomfortable feelings. Its about taking responsibility for parenting your brain and having someone to support the new healthy habits you want to incorporate is crucial. Asking for help isn't weakness, it is strength, confidence and learning how to work SMARTER not harder. 

I teach my clients how to create the reality they want and reinvent their thoughts and habits sustainably. 

How are your habits supporting the life you want to lead?   When you lay your head on the pillow each night, are you at peace with how you showed up for yourself? Do you feel confident about whats best for your wellbeing?

Most of my clients come to me for weight loss, only to find out it is so much more. Dealing with hormonal changes is only a part of the puzzle. I help them to dig deep to uncover what it is that keeps them turning to food for emotional support.

ways to work with me

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I offer 1:1 Coaching Packages as well as Group Coaching focused on tackling emotional eating. Book a call or learn the different ways I can support you.

I can help you:

  • confidently manage stress WITHOUT coping by overeating, overworking, or procrastinating
  • lose fat and slow down premature aging by balancing your hormones, home life, self-care, and work
  • simplify healthy meals for the whole family
  • reduce cravings and all-or-nothing mentality
  • change your diet due to high blood pressure, acid reflux or Gerd

Now is your time.

I love new beginnings and would love to be a part of your health journey.

If you are lucky enough to have never experienced loss or heartache, then setting good, sustainable, life-long, healthy habits are so important before you go through a life changing event. Those healthy habits can help sustain you through the rough times.

Together, we will explore small changes that can make a big impact on your health.

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From weight loss and stress management tips to how to manage life as a busy mom, while taking care of YOU in the process. I've got you covered!

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