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When you don’t feel your best, constantly running on empty, angry, stressed or anxious, it can effect your entire family, friends, and work. Learn how focusing on your health is actually the best gift you can EVER give your loved ones.

I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life. 

I help the “sandwich generation” - the middle-aged woman who is sandwiched between caring for aging parents, financial obligations, while raising children of her own. 

I support you and help you stay focused and calm in the storms of life. 

Depending on your situation and the goals you have, I can support you in a group or 1:1 capacity.

If you are not sure what the next best step is for you, book a free, no-strings-attached call to discuss your situation.

This is it. Now is the time. You have one life. Don’t let that negative self talk hold you back.

Frustrated with your weight? Stress levels off the chart? Tired of hearing yourself complain? Don’t know where to start? Ready to feel more in control of YOU?


With all packages, your program will be unique to you and flexible to work with your needs. Together, we set a goal and a timeframe to help reach and manage that goal.

I will introduce you to different diet plans and help you find the one that’s right for you. I will also suggest self-care products, books and podcasts to help you along the way.

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A single session to establish your goals, learn how to recognize thought errors, how to show up for yourself consistently without feeling overwhelmed.  Get super clear on what health means to you. 

one-time consultation



Bite-sized version of the Complete Overhaul, we establish your goals and create a plan for you to follow

3 visits (every other week)



Completely transform your lifestyle and habits with your coach beside you all the way, providing accountability and support

12 visits (twice per month)


1:1 Coaching Packages


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This package comes with unlimited email support, text and once-a-month calls in addition to our biweekly visits.


  • Health history assessment
  • Establishing your health goals and creating an actionable plan to achieve them
  • Establishing daily lifestyle habits to meet your goals
  • Identifying any hormone imbalances and educating on options to treat
  • Learning ways to stop emotional eating (binge eating)
  • Identifying any food intolerances and having a reintroduction plan
  • Learning stress relieving tools and how to balance mood swings, anxiety and stress
  • Determining what is standing in your way of accomplishing your goals
  • Recipes to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Pantry clean out and grocery store tour. I help you take out the things we need to avoid. From there, we head over to the grocery store and walk through each aisle discovering foods, reading labels and see how I can help you create the healthy life you’ve been wanting.

For the one ready to transform her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 6 months gives you enough time to make a radical new beginning. Middle age is Not the END! You will have me beside you all the way.


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  • Establishing health goals and creating a plan to achieve them
  • Learning tools to help manage stress
  • Recipes to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables 

If 6 months seems too big of a commitment but you would still like 1:1 support to kick-start your health and wellness journey then this package is for you.


"Yoga with Val has such a positive impact on my physical and mental wellbeing. Her method is perfectly balanced so that you get a well rounded workout without overdoing it. Her positivity is contagious and she inspires me to take care of myself so I, in turn, can take care of others."

- Michelle

“I lost 20 pounds and happy to say at age 52, I received a great checkup from my physician. She provided consistent encouragement & helped me set realistic goals. She helped me improve my stress levels, giving me the energy I needed to focus on my job, moving, and getting married!”

- Mary Beth

“I had all the tools to be healthy but when COVID hit, I was overwhelmed and stuck. I decided I needed support and I asked for help. I needed a plan I could sustain. Valerie validated my feelings and gave me the encouragement I needed to to reach my goals I set for myself. I am a Mother and a Grandmother so staying active and healthy is important to me, so I can be there for them.”

- Ashley

“Living these years healthy for my grandkids is everything! I needed accountability because life was overwhelming between retiring, death of loved ones, & COVID. Valerie helped me stay emotionally and weight conscious during the hardest part of my life, so I can be there for the ones I love.”

- Mary

"I wanted make sure that I was on the right track with my diet and exercise. As it turned out, I found that I had so many emotions going on, I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do! Val was able to help turn my thoughts into action. I opened my own business Stretch Zone in February 2022, and opening 2 more soon! So glad I worked with Val."

- Kim

"Yoga with Val has helped my flexibility and my state of mind. Valerie’s classes are fun and challenging, and she always motivates her clients to be their best selves."

- Laura

“Valerie helped me heal my relationship with food. Asking me to stay curious has helped me quit judging myself which led to taking piano lessons, voice lessons, even a little karaoke! She listened to me and instead of forcing me into a pre-prescribed program, she urged me to listen to my inner voice and challenge any negative thoughts.”

- Lavonda

“The encouragement and help with meal ideas has been a game changer. Learning how to speak to myself kindly and being able to talk through things plus knowing I have support on bad days has been so helpful sticking to my goals. God has a purpose for me and I want to be healthy to serve Him.”

- Melanie


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I work with my clients to help them create happy, healthy lives in a way that is flexible and fun.

I provide scientifically proven techniques to manage stress, as well as diet and lifestyle choices that best support you and your daily life. Making gradual, lifelong changes enables you to reach your current and future health goals.

I am certified in hormone health and am especially passionate about helping women in all phases of life. Whether you suspect you may be beginning to have some hormone imbalance (peri perimenopause) or have been dealing with it for a while, there is hope. There are so many ways to deal with hormones - don’t suffer through it alone. 

I believe in my client’s capacity for change, and I honor that each client is an expert on his or her life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental. 


My coaching approach

I focus on ditching the all-or-nothing approach, the good-or-bad / black-or-white thinking, and help you get aligned with your values. 

the benefits of having a health coach

Stop wasting your time and money on temporary tricks and expensive gimmicks. I get to know you, your schedule and your specific needs to help achieve your healthier self.

Accelerates your performance. You have a much higher chance to reach your goals when you are held accountable.

Having a certified professional beside you all the way makes the transition to new healthier habits easier - and more fun!

When you become distracted or bored I can help keep you engaged so that you stay on track and reach your goals.

Time management




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