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Val…the skydiver!🤣

I did it. I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 14,000 feet up, free falling for about 60 seconds. I swear it felt longer!

It was my birthday present from Tom. It has been on my bucket list for a while. On the ride up, I was asked, “Is this the scariest thing you have ever done?” I didn’t miss a beat. “Nope. Raising kids is much scarier.” 

Still is by the way. 

The plane ride up was non-eventful, but the moment between the doors opening and us jumping. I was thinking, “Okay. Oh Wow! I am really getting ready to do to jump from a perfectly good airplane.”

I loved my instructor because as we were getting ready to jump he said, “Breathe. Inhale to a count of 7; exhale.” All I could think was “Heck ya. My Man! He does the Breathwork too.”  I knew I was in good hands.

We jumped. The falling was amazing. It was a beautiful day. He did spins and turns, which I have a pretty fragile stomach and to my surprise I didn’t get motion sick. 

So why did I do it?  What was the motivation? To prove I could. I can get stuck sometimes; analysis by paralysis kinda thing. Also, because life is scary sometimes. I personally have been through a lot of events that I felt like I had no control. You’ve been there. You know what I am talking about. When you feel like you are just putting out fires and reacting? Jumping from a perfectly good airplane gave me a sense of control. I got to choose to do the scary thing or not.  Does that make me a control freak? Great question.

The jury is still out.

There are so many more scary things than jumping from an airplane. To bury your parents or loved ones before you’re ready, divorce, moving, COVID, chronic illness, caring for loved ones, dealing with emotional baggage from your past, embracing lifestyle changes. 

I do have a little pep in my step this week. Will I do it again? ABSOLUTELY. I would like to share that experience with the boys. When they are ready. 

I am not here to promote sky diving but I do want to encourage you to do the scary thing you don’t think you can do. It might give you a little pep in your step as well. 

I loved Sky Dive Atlanta. Very friendly and experienced. You can ask for Sunshine and tell him I sent you.

Much Love,


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  1. Tom says:


  2. Melanie Walsh says:

    I am so proud and happy for you.

  3. Pam says:

    I am so incredibly proud of you! The strength you have shown is such an inspiration. The vulnerability you have shown gives others permission to open up. The humor you have shown allows others to smile and laugh at themselves (in a healthy way). I am so proud to know you and call you my friend and teacher.