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Midlife Diet and Nutrition-Let’s End the Confusion

Midlife diet and nutrition can be very confusing because midlife brings so many internal changes for a woman. Hormonal imbalance due to menopause, reduction in bone density, decrease in metabolism and muscle mass, increase in weight and several health issues.

It’s so overwhelming and frustrating! It’s like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded. And our immediate response is DIETING! No, you’re not alone in this. 

I have spent the last 2 decades of my life on a calorie deficit diet. While it did help in keeping my waistline slim, it did not work well for my mental health. I was anxious all the time and my hormones went haywire during perimenopause.

Somehow these old and fad tricks do not work when you reach middle age. Now, it’s more crucial to take care of your health through proper diet and nutrition becuase your body is always shifting.

Good Grief! Nutrition can be so confusing, right? I know it because I have been through it. So, let me hold your hand and walk you through midlife. 

Why do we end up eating more in midlife?

Now that I’ve been through menopause for a good seven years, nutrition has become my new best friend. I know how it feels to be frustrated and decide what to feed your body. In midlife, diet and nutrition can go haywire. Take a deep breath because I have got you!

Instead of focusing on what you should eat, let us focus on the HOW and WHY of eating. It may seem silly, but it’s necessary to take a step back and rethink. 

We often fail to realise that we eat for reasons apart from nourishing our bodies. 

  • Emotional eating- Nibbling away without facing certain emotions like boredom, sadness, or anger is a common reflex. But, you need to pause and acknowledge this feeling. It is necessary to remind yourself that you have choices. Confront your emotions without resorting to emotional eating. It’s one of the kindest acts you can do for yourself. You don’t have to diet as long as you eat mindfully.
  • Seeking pleasure from food– Don’t misunderstand me; celebrating with food is valid. Yet, let’s acknowledge the truth that we seem to find reasons for celebrating everything. And it almost always revolves around food. Challenge yourself—can you think of a celebration that doesn’t have food at its core? Broaden your sources of joy and discover fulfillment in activities beyond the dining table. It will nurture a more wholesome and balanced relationship with food. When was the last time you did something new?
  • Craving that dopamine fix– That’s a feeling I know too well. Yearning for that rush of dopamine? Sugary delights, a sip of alcohol, or certain fatty indulgences often seem like gateways to our brain’s pleasure centre. There’s an allure to the idea of perpetual happiness, right? But, this pursuit can spiral into a dependence that impacts not only your waistlines but your well-being too.

Acknowledge this cycle. It marks the initial stride toward embracing healthier habits. Nourish your emotional and physical selves without relying on highs from your favourite treats. Rely on healthy food that meets your nutritional needs.


I have been coaching women for 7 years. I’ve observed that one of the most overlooked strategy is keeping track of what you eat. We get so disheartened with ourselves that we’re tempted to discard everything and seek out some grand, intricate diet plan. Or, worse yet, we consider skipping meals altogether.

You have to become aware of your tendencies to rely on food. How frequently do you find yourself turning to food for reasons beyond sustenance? Think about this with gentleness and genuine curiosity. Judgement only breeds shame, and shame can be a barrier to progress.

This will help you to reach your dream weight. There will be times in life where you are shredded and times when you are not. The goal is not to be so far off your path of optimal health that you can’t get back on track. Midlife diet and nutrition needs attention.

Consider the power of making tiny shifts, only 1% at a time. I am leaving some amazing resources linked below to help you with your nutrition. And if you need more help, I am always here for you. Book a consultation and we can discuss your health related worries, your nutrition and much more. 

With this awareness, what’s one small step you will take today?


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