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Look Who is 50!馃帀

Look at this picture I found when cleaning out my closet recently. Look at that 20-year-old gal! I cannot believe it鈥檚 been 30 years since that picture was taken!?! 

What would I say to that baby-faced girl in the picture?


路      Hold on to your hamstrings girl! These next 30 years are going to go by so fast it will make you dizzy!

路      Be patient with yourself. Talk to yourself like you would a puppy, a baby or your best friend. 

路      Learn to communicate. If you can鈥檛 communicate in a way that people want to listen; all your knowledge and know-how will be lost.

路      Everything in moderation except for love, compassion and patience.

路      Don鈥檛 believe every thought that your big old (very imaginative) brain thinks. 

路      You have and will have the best friends you could possibly imagine-lean in. 

路      Don鈥檛 take anything personally, don鈥檛 make assumptions and don鈥檛 let your past define you.

路      Don鈥檛 let criticism or praise define your self-worth. That鈥檚 got to come from within.

路      Until you have experienced things like marriage, miscarriage, birth, death, relocation, and divorce you really don鈥檛 know how you will handle the situation. 

路      Praise 3x more than you criticize. 

路      Lastly鈥alerie Jane, I am proud of you! 


Does this mean I have conquered all on the above list? NO WAY! I just wish I would have known them sooner. What does your list look like? I would love to see!


If you have read this far, THANK YOU! Thank you for your support and encouragement the last 50 years in whatever aspect you have touched my life. Thank you for giving me space to learn how to communicate in a way that, hopefully we have both benefited. Thank you for allowing me to be your health coach, yoga teacher, friend, mom, aunt, niece, and sister. 

I am excited to see what the next 50 bring. Cheers! 

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