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It’s a practice…

Have you ever had one of THOSE weeks? Nothing particularly challenging, but everything was a little bit more difficult? That was me last week. My communication was off. I was tired. Cranky. Will had come home from college to get his broken hand fixed, the weather was bad, but what is it that made it a bad week?

 Being a health coach has its perks. I can name pretty quickly when I haven’t had enough water, when it is time to do some major clean up in my lifestyle, get more exercise, ease up on the sugar. Why I’m not sleeping.  

 So, when I sat down and ate the ENTIRE bag of Dove chocolates I had given Luke for Valentine’s Day…I knew it was time to take a step back. To take a pause. 

 I was emotionally exhausted.  I forget to acknowledge that being a care giver (even to my semi-adult children) is work AND it is emotional which makes it even more tiring. It has been a challenge for me lately to stop working. I want to grow my business. I love helping people. But that’s the great thing about my job. I get to remind people daily to take care of themselves. There is no better profession for me because I need that constant reminder. We ALL have to take a reset. Taking a pause gives us time to be more creative, energized and playful with our work and find balance in our life. Time to remember my big picture, which is to be around for my future grandkids. To stay physically and mentally well where I can continue to share my life with them. To be able to help my kids raise their kids and hopefully give them a much-needed break every now and again that I didn’t give myself. If that is my picture goal…how am I supporting that by overworking?

 I’m not. I wasn’t. It was time to turn off the laptop. Turn off the phone. Nurture myself. Get back on my mat. Focus on the breath. Have fun!

What about you? Can you name it when you are heading for a burnout? Can you give yourself empathy and acknowledge when you need a reset? That is one of my biggest challenges to give myself grace and take rest. 

What are signs you need a reset?

Anxious, irritable, memory or concentration problems

Lake of enthusiasm for your job

Lack of creativity

Physical symptoms-headache, sleepless night, stomach distress

 When we get curious, we step out of our old, fear- based, reactive habit pattern and we step into being. We become this inner scientist where we are eagerly awaiting that next data point.   (Yes, I am well aware how just how geeky that sounds.) 

 Can you tap into that natural curiosity and ask yourself why? Why am I doing what I am doing? Is this serving my big picture goal? It is not always easy. Life happens really fast and its easy to get caught up in the moment.

Step out of your compulsive habit loop.

Notice the urges, that negative thought pattern, get curious; and then…

Feel the Joy of letting go. It IS practice.


Happy Valentines Day to YOU!

Take time to fill your cup. Call a friend or loved one. Reach out and be the connection that you desire. 

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  1. Pam Leverette says:

    Val, this is spot on! Thank you for reminding me to REST and RESET! I love you and your enthusiasm! Pam