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March is National Nutrition month

What are your thoughts when you hear the word, “nutrition”? Do you automatically think food? Do you begin ‘shoulding’ yourself with, “I should really start eating better”?

I would like to offer that nutrition can be a whole lot more than the food we have on our plate. The way we feel can affect the food we eat and the food we eat can affect the mood we are in. The more stress we have in our life, the unhealthier foods we crave. So how do you jump off that merry-go-round. How do you identify what is nourishing you? How do you begin to see eating healthy is not a punishment but a way to feed our amazing bodies and minds? How can we unearth our innate ability to become healthier and create our own health destiny, through education, empowerment, ancient and scientific truths and intuition? 


Here are a few tips:


Be your own best friend

I know that sounds so cliché but it really does start there. What are you telling yourself? Would you say those things to your best friend? Your child? If not, stop saying them to yourself. 


Find a way to sleep

Sleep is so crucial for nurturing ourselves. Poor sleep is linked with mental health issues like anxiety and depression, if you can’t sleep how do you expect to make great choices? Track your sleeping habits-do I wake at the same time each night? Is it harder to get to sleep or staying asleep? How long have I not been sleeping well? When did this 1st start? Is it related to a trigger (death, divorce, moving, long term health issue)?



Be your own health advocate. After all you are ultimately responsible for your own health. 

Ask those uncomfortable questions to your physician. 



Being mindful does not mean being judgmental. It means maintaining a moment by moment awareness without being distracted. Am I drinking enough water? Am I getting adequate exercise? Am I eating nourishing food? How do I relieve stress? 



Finding something to be grateful for every day. We often hyper focus on what is wrong. Learning how to give thanks for your body, mind and spirit is true nourishment.


Take a deep breath. Close your eyes for a moment and ask yourself, “On a scale from 1-10, how am I nourishing myself? Do some of these feel untrue or unrelatable? Stay curious! 

These things don’t always come easily. Learning how to nourish ourselves in all aspects takes practice. You don’t have to go it alone.  As a health coach, I help you incorporate those lifestyle changes that help nourish mind, body and spirit. 

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