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How’s your balance?

Balance. Balance seems to be a word we hear often. A balanced lifestyle, balanced hormones, a balanced diet. But what is balance really?

Is balance eating the same thing day in and day out? Is balance 6 months on and 6 months off kind of a plan?

Life is not balanced. Loved ones pass away, divorce happens, children grow up, jobs change, hormones change, seasons come and go. No one ever looks at a tree that has lost its leaves and thinks, “Man, that tree needs to find more balance.” That tree has its own balance. Leaves start budding in the spring, then full grander in the summer, fall comes and the leaves get brown and fall off leaving a bare tree for winter.”


Somewhere along the way, I think balance has become synonymous with doing it all. Being able to handle all of lives up and downs, doing it all with a smile on our face. As women, we were told we can do it all. Have a career, maintain healthy relationships, raise the kids, keep the house clean, cook healthy meals, exercise, volunteer, don’t forget about this COVID thing, and OH! Find time to relax on top of all that. It is no wonder that so many women are left feeling stressed out, frustrated, and way out of balance.


Creating balance between the things we must do with the things we want to do. You can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything-especially not all at one time. So how do we find that balance? Being able to prioritize what’s important and focus your energy on doing one thing at a time. Creating balance takes work. Being intentional with your thoughts and actions.   


Where do you start? 


·      Be your biggest fan. You have to like yourself. Finding that love of yourself is so important, it makes everything easier. Loving yourself like God loves you is a big step.


·      Prioritize yourself. By putting yourself first, you will be able to give more, have more energy and zest for the things you really need to do. This includes eating good food, finding ways to exercise your mind and your body, and getting in touch with your spiritual side.


·      What is your priority? What are the ‘must does’ in your life right now? These will change over time. What do you have to do to be able to support those ‘must do’ items?


·      Learn your strengths and know your weaknesses. Those things that come naturally to you. Tap into those, but also know what things you don’t like. That doesn’t mean you give up on those things but you notice them without judgement. Learn how to embrace all of you. 


·      Choose your battles wisely. Have I mentioned you can’t do everything all at one time? Pace yourself. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.


·      Ask for help when you need it. Help comes in many forms. Maybe it’s from friends, or family members or maybe it is more professional help learning how to prioritize those things in your life.


As a health coach, that’s what I do. I help you incorporate those lifestyle changes that are going to bring balance. I help you produce long-term positive change in psychological, behavioral, and physiological outcomes. Incorporating lifestyle changes can be difficult to incorporate, but you don’t have to do it by yourself.

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