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How Understanding Your Emotions Improves Your Overall Health

Hey middle-aged mom –

What do you do with all those emotions of yours?

Middle-Aged woman with many different emotions.

So often, we resist, avoid, react, numb, ignore, and judge our emotions. Very rarely do we actually listen. Because it can be uncomfortable! But our emotions have so much to do with our overall health.

To improve your health, you first have to understand and improve the relationship between your emotions, your body, and the food that you eat!

And the only way to improve any relationship is to start listening and learning.

When we do this, we stop hiding, and truly start living!

It’s time to begin using emotions to enhance your life.

First, recognize that emotions are influenced by more than one thing.

When we know and honor that, we begin to learn and heal on such a greater level.

Ready to give it a go?

Middle-aged woman saying "let's do this."

You can begin examining your emotions. Remember this is no place for shame, or “I shouldn’t feel this way.” we are just beginning to notice.

Step 1: Pay attention to HOW you feel

Begin checking in with yourself during the day.

You can simply set an alarm on your phone. It doesn’t take much time.

Check in questions to ask yourself:

  • What am I feeling right now? (hunger, fatigue, physical discomfort)
  • What about emotionally? (calm, sad, frustrated, anxious)

Step 2: Why do I think I feel these things?

Think – Did I sleep well? Have I been eating well? How am I caring for myself lately?

Am I contributing to unnecessary suffering by thinking and rethinking a negative situation (ruminating)?

Step 3: Make friends with your emotions

Begin to make friends with whatever emotions come up. The goal is emotional maturity. You don’t view emotions as a weakness. Instead, you value them, and know that there is no finish line. Maturing is an ongoing process.

Are you willing to get curious about them?

Your emotions can tell you if there are things you need to shift or change in order to improve your life. But you can’t benefit if you aren’t paying attention.


It’s okay to ask for help when sorting out all these messages!

Middle-aged woman saying "asking for help,  there's no shame in that"

Physicians can do blood work to look for hormonal imbalances.

Coaches can help you figure out where you gaps may be. Teach skillsets for regulating your brain and body to help prevent needless suffering.

Therapists can help you deal with any past traumas that are keeping you from moving forward.

Sometimes it takes all three and that is okay! You have to learn how to parent yourself. Deep healing takes a village!

You have so many dimensions. Begin getting curious about what you are feeling. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it!

Want more?

Click here to book a free consultation with me, where we can further discuss what your health goals are, and what’s holding you back from reaching those goals.

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