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Exhausted? Me too! Lets talk!

I am.

Tom and I set out “just to do a few things” in preparation for his kids and Mom to come to town. 😳 Its their 1st visit to Dothan and I want them to feel Welcome!

Know what I have been noticing lately???

I am terrible at setting my pace. I get so excited about what I am doing at VHW, how I can help and what I want to offer, I find myself working way more than I thought I would. Mainly because things take WAY longer than I think they ‘should’. I have never been a small business owner. Never knew anything about social media, emails, blogs but I think I should be WAYYYYY ahead of where I am. Those thoughts feel defeating. Not helpful At ALL.

Do you do that?

We have 31 days to Christmas and 38 days until the end of the year. How do you want to finish the year?

I personally have mixed emotions. Grateful, strong, steady, peaceful. But what does that really mean to me?? 🤔

The place I want to ABSOLUTELY avoid is the gutter. You know that place that feels like you don’t want to do a dang thing but watch tv? That place where you feel so sick and tired you do NOT give 2 cents about taking care of yourself or doing anything?

I have been in that place more than I care to admit. This place is burnout and I DON’T like it!

This is the time of year I hear so many of us struggle with not enoughness. We want to give to so many. Our time, our money, we just want to give and if we are not specific to whom or how much we overspend, over schedule overeat.

This holiday I would love to gift you the power of conscious choice. Mindfulness. I know it’s not sexy like a new car or something but stay with me.Conscious choice is the ability to pick and choose who, what and where you give your precious resources like your time and energy.We can’t do it all, we can’t be all things to all the people so how do you choose??  How do you deal with guilt?It’s hard. It’s usually ourselves that get the left overs. 😖I am offering a unique way

Peaceful holidays. What does that mean to you?? What does it LOOK like for you? It will be different for ALL of us, but you get to choose what it means for YOU!
My yoga classes include thought management, breath work techniques & meditation all jammed pack in one hour to help you visualize what you want not only with your day but with your week and we are focusing on peace.
I hope you will join me for Rise and Radiate 6AM at FUMC, Dothan, Al. We will stretch, catch our breath and set our intensions for the most peaceful Christmas ever!!

When I began my little LLC 6 years ago, I had NO idea what I was getting into! I started out wanting to help EVERYONE and everybody. After going for decades not knowing what it truly meant to relax, I found this yoga practice that help me relax deeper than I thought was possible. I had to share it.
Grateful to every single teacher I have had and I’m not just talking about my yoga teachers! But my friends, family, clients each one of you have played an integral part growth of VHW.
Why did I narrow my clientele down to the middle aged woman?
Because she is the woman that rules the world. She’s a mother, a grandmother, a care giver, a lover. She has seen so much, has so much wisdom and grace and when she is showing up like the TRUEST version of herself, we are ALL better for it.
I absolutely have the best job in the world! Thank you for your support!
See you soon!!

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